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We invest in advanced dental technology to ensure our patients are offered the very best, leading treatment options. We pride ourselves on offering modern solutions that can be performed in a more efficient, effective and comfortable manner.

Dental technology is evolving continuously, which, allows us to offer our patients techniques to help prevent, diagnose and treat dental problems early and effectively.

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What is CEREC?

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC for short is a new state of the art method of reconstructing tooth restoration. CEREC uses computer assisted design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer single day restorations for patients. This new technology has revolutionised ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers for patients so there is no longer a wait between preparing the restoration and then fitting the crown. The technology is used whilst you are sitting in the dental chair, which is more convenient for both patient and dentist. The restorations are metal-free and tooth coloured to restore your tooth to its natural beauty, strength and function.

The in Surgery Process of CEREC

Exam & Preparation

Your dentist will decide if CEREC if right for you. Depending on how much tooth structure is in situ, it may be a filling or a crown. After reviewing and consenting to options with you, your dentist will begin by preparing your tooth for restoration by removing any decay and weakened tooth.

Optical Imaging Impression

A 3 dimensional image of the tooth that needs to be restored is taken with the digital camera. The 3D image will be used in replacement of taking the conventional messy impressions. This means no horrible tasting impression material to gag on. The computer and digital image then creates a 3D virtual model of the prepared tooth.

Milling Unit

The unit is used to custom and create the restoration needed for the tooth. Based on your desired colour tooth match, the appropriate block will be selected and within a few minutes the unit is able to mill the restoration needed.

Placing the Restoration

Once the restoration is made, it is ready to be tried on and ensure that you get the proper fit and bite. The restoration is polished and bonded into place by your dentist. We then do not require any temporary fillings and no return trip necessary, saving you time & money.

Advantages of Using CEREC

CEREC has revolutionised the restorative process. It is a system with the patient in mind to make the visit to the dentist as pain-free and convenient as possible.

The advantages of a CEREC crown:

  • Most procedures can be done in one visit – less costly and time consuming for our patients
  • The restoration is completed in a single visit which eliminates the need to numb the tooth twice
  • No need for messy impression stage
  • No need for temporary restoration in between visits
  • Ability to save as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • Restores teeth to natural beauty, strength & function
  • Longer lasting restorations – may last over 10 years
  • Metal – Free

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The Wand is a painless computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system which uses a small handpiece that looks like a pen. It works at a low pressure and is administered slowly and comfortably, which gives an improved and effective anaesthesia.

Patients often do not realise they have had an injection. The dentist may choose to numb just one tooth if appropriate, which means there will be no numbness of the tongue, cheek or lip.

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Digital Radiography

Dental x-rays are invaluable aids in diagnosing, treating and maintaining dental health. They enable us to detect cavities in between your teeth and determine the health and level of bone. We are also able to examine the roots and nerves of teeth and diagnose lesions such as cysts.

Exposure time is extremely minimal and with using digital imaging, our patients exposure to radiation is significantly reduced.

Digital x-rays offer precision and enables us to retrieve valuable information essential for maintaining and treating your overall oral health.


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Our state of the art CBCT Scanner allows us to produce high quality 2D and 3D images of the teeth, bones and surrounding structures. With these images, it is possible to improve diagnosis and plan treatments with pinpoint accuracy.

Cone Bean Computed Tomography is a medical imaging technique. It vital in our treatment planning and diagnosis in implant dentistry, as well as oral surgery, endodontics and orthodontics.

We accept all private referrals from other dental practices, Prices start as £100.

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3dmax-3-x-3d-cbct-proface-impression-scan   3dmid-3-x-3d-cbct-proface-impression-scan

If you would like teeth that are instantly whiter or you would prefer to whiten your teeth over a few days/nights, we have the answer for you.

Zoom In-Office Whitening System uses proprietary technology to whiten your teeth in several shades approximately an hour whilst you relax in the dental chair.

We have various whitening systems on offer, however Zoom proves ideal for anyone who wants immediate results.

What is Zoom tooth whitening?

Zoom, is a safe bleaching process that lightens discolouration of enamel and dentine.

What are the causes of tooth discolouration?

The most common include aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea or tobacco. During tooth formation consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discolouration.

Who may benefit from Tooth Whitening ?

Most patients can benefit from tooth whitening procedures. However, treatment may not be effective for some as it is for others. With a complimentary consultation with our dentist, they can determine if you are a candidate for this procedure and give you a shade assessment.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Research and clinical studies prove that tooth whitening under supervision of a dentist is safe. As with any tooth whitening product, Zoom is not recommended for children under 13 years of age and pregnant or lactating women.

How long do the results last?

By following the simple post-operative whitening after care instructions, your teeth will always be lighter than they were before. We recommend flossing, brushing twice daily and touch ups with Zoom whitening take-home gels. These are professional formula products designed specifically to keep your teeth the brightest and are available at our surgery.

What is the difference between Zoom and over the counter tooth whitening ?

Consulting with your dentist is always the best first step. Over the counter whitening systems can take months to brighten just one or two shades, yet professional system such as Zoom are clinically proven to whiten your up to 6 shades in one hour.

We are currently offering free consultations with a dentist for all tooth whitening procedures.

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Accelerating the healing process after dental implants

This is a type of plasma rich protein that is derived by separating blood into it’s different components. A small amount of the patient’s own blood is taken and placed into a centrifuge machine to be spun down. This isolates crucial proteins from the contents of your blood and is used in bone and soft tissue regeneration as it stimulates fast healing, reduces discomfort and fosters new bone growth and repairs soft tissue in surgical sites. It is very safe because it is derived from the patient’s own blood and tissue


  • Treatment has gained European (CE) and American (FDA) approval
  • Completely biocompatible and safe
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Advanced technology backed by a wealth of experience and clinical testing
  • Proven success rate in varied medical applications
  • Outstanding clinical efficiency as illustrated in many clinical publications

Following the placement of an implant, there will be a small wound in the soft connective tissues of the gum and underlying jaw bone. The body’s natural repair process is stimulated by a special set of proteins our bodies produce which act at the site of the wound.

PRGF-ENDORET™ technology isolates these healing proteins from a small sample of the patient’s blood, which is then applied directly to the area of the wound to accelerate the healing process.

To prepare the PRGF (“plasma rich in growth factor”) a small sample of the patient’s blood is taken and then treated to produce a concentrated mixture of natural healing factors. A carefully measured therapeutic dose is applied to the wound area to optimise the healing process.

This technique is already being used very successfully to aid recovery times in many different areas of surgery including maxillofacial, cardiac, plastic and reconstructive. These advantages are now available to those seeking to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

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