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Fee Guide

Treatment Description Private
Routine Examination or Sedation consultation £35.00
Hygienist (per 30 minute appointment) £44.00
Small x-ray £8.00
Prescriptions £10.00
The Wand (painless local anaesthetic) £10.00
Sedation From £235.00
New Patient Examination (Inc. 2 small X-rays) £50.00
Composite (Tooth-coloured) Fillings From £70.00 – £140.00
Amalgam (Silver) Fillings From £70.00 – £105.00
Root Canal Treatment

– Front Teeth, Single Canal
– Premolars and Molars


From £280.00
From £395.00 – £440.00

Porcelain Bonded Crown / Bridge Unit From £450.00
Gold Crown From £500.00
Post £90.00
Porcelain Crown (Metal-free) From £475.00
Veneers From £350.00
Adhesive Bridge (1 Tooth, 1 Wing) From £475.00
Re-cement Crown £35.00
Upper and Lower Full Dentures From £575.00 each
Partial Acrylic Dentures – Upper or Lower From £550.00
Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture (Metal frame) From £900.00
Soft Reline of Existing Denture From £130.00
Addition of Tooth to Existing Denture £80.00 +
– Simple
– Complex Single Root
– Complex Molar or Wisdom Tooth
From £90.00
From £120.00
From £150.00
Study Models £40.00
Gum Shields £135.00
Hard Night Guard £260.00
Whitening Package (includes Trays & whitening gels) £299.00

Dental Implant Fees

Dental Implant Consultation and Clinical Assessment
FREE Implant Consultation with Implantologist (Inclusive of Clinical Exam, detailed explanation inc 2D x-rays)
£ 0.00
CT-3-D scan (Per Jaw)  £100
Dental Implant Placement and Restoration
Single Dental Implant Replacement Tooth   (Including Crown)               Premium Implant brands – Straumann  & Southern £1900
Implant Supported Denture
Two dental implants to secure a lower full denture £2400
Four dental implants to secure an upper full denture £4800
All-On-Four/Teeth-in-a-Day/Same Day Teeth
Teeth now/All on Four: full single arch (upper or lower jaw) implant reconstruction of failing dentition, inclusive of extractions, implant placement, same-day temporary fixed bridge with 10 teeth, after care and final fixed titanium implant bridge after approximately 5 months. From £10900
Bone Graft
Minor grafting £500
Platelet rich fibrin growth factor membrane to enhance gum (soft tissue) healing £300
Soft tissue graft £399

Easy payment options available


  • All prices above are quoted as a guide and all fees are calculated after assessing individual needs. Kindly contact us to book a consultation for bespoke treatment plan. A ‘Treatment Plan Estimate’ may need to change during a course of treatment due to clinical or radiographic findings. In such circumstances you will be informed prior to treatment
  • Fees for treatment as described in the ‘Treatment Plan Estimate’ are due at the end of each appointment.
  • Implant fees are charged in stages.
  • We accept all major credit cards (except American Express), debit cards or bankers drafts.
  • Finance available (please ask at reception for further details)

Endodontist Prices

Special Interest in Root Canal Treatment
Consultation £60.00
Root Canal Treatment Incisor £399.00
Root Canal Treatment Pre-molar £450.00
Root Canal Treatment Molar £550.00
Re-Root Canal Treatment Incisor £450.00
Re-Root Canal Treatment Pre-molar £550.00

Oral Surgery Price List

Oral Surgery Fee Guide
Consultation £50.00
Extraction from £90.00
Complex Extractions from £195.00
Surgical extractions wisdom tooth from £250.00
Apicectomy from £350.00 – £450.00
Extraction socket Preservation from £250.00 – £450.00


CFast £3600 Inclusive £1950 Inclusive
Inman Aligner £3000 Inclusive £1850 Inclusive